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About us

Video Bus Egypt specializes in developing, manufacturing, and installing automobile electronics. With professionalism and great attention to detail, we tailor our products and services to meet our respected clients’ needs of the highest quality, best value and the most exceptional customer service in the market. For the perfect drive or ride, we provide everything you may need to stay connected and entertained.

The story

In 1990, a young determined electronics engineer just wouldn’t settle for another dead-end boring job. Cars were his biggest passion; one could even say it was an obsession. He spent most of his free time reading about cars, looking at cars, and doing whatever else one could do that had to do with cars. One day, it hit him. He turned his life-long passion into his career. He started researching the market he dearly loved and found ways to make a car even more lovable: ENTERTAINMENT! He found the best global agencies and companies that worked in car entertainment at the time, traveled around, and finally signed his first contract as ACTIA’s sole agent in Egypt. At the time, the company sold and installed bus and coach systems. After a while, they extended into the personal car market with groundbreaking infotainment systems. Then later in 2005, the company expanded as the factory was founded, widening our reach as manufacturers.

After witnessing the chaos that took place after the 2011 revolution, the same engineer realized he might have a solution for one the dangers threatening our safety every day. Cars were being stolen, tyrants were breaking windows and breaking into houses and cars, and random attacks and explosions were happening all around. The chaos led to the birth of our daughter brand, SHIELD. Due to evolving threat risks and civil unrest, glass presents major security vulnerability and it is the weakest link in any building. However through our advanced technologies, we can make your windows and glass smash-resistant, bullet-resistant and bomb-resistant. Studies have proven that during an attack using explosives in an urban area, more than 80% of all secondary blast injuries are caused by flying glass. It’s also a fact that governments and leaders worldwide face threats to physical security in their everyday lives. By strengthening buildings and armoring vehicles, SHIELD aims to remove one of the most potent weapons used by terrorists. As civil unrest has grown, we also started to arm homeowners and business owners with the strongest protection available for their properties and families.


Through our protection solutions and the automobile entertainment systems, we aim to provide superior value to our customers and partners by contributing to their safety and entertainment.


To provide our clients with the most innovative feature rich car products to keep them entertained with high quality audio and video and seamless connectivity, while keeping them safe from external hazards.

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Video bus egypt

Video Bus Egypt specializes in developing, manufacturing, and installing automobile electronics. With professionalism and great attention to detail

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