Company Background

In the 1990s, a visionary engineer transformed his automotive passion into the birth of Video Bus Egypt, pioneering entertainment systems for buses. As our journey evolved, we delved deeper into the realm of infotainment, revolutionizing personal vehicles with cutting-edge systems from 2005 onwards.

Amidst the aftermath of the 2011 revolution, the chaos sparked an innovative response: SHIELD. Understanding the vulnerability of glass in the face of escalating threats, we harnessed state-of-the-art technology to create glass that’s not just resilient but virtually impenetrable. Our expertise ensures windows and glass are fortified against smashes, bullets, and explosions, providing critical protection for governments, homeowners, and businesses worldwide.

Join our mission in fortifying safety and security. We’re dedicated to empowering a world where safety isn’t a luxury but a fundamental right, making lives and spaces more secure, resilient, and free from threats.

Video bus egypt

Video Bus Egypt specializes in developing, manufacturing, and installing automobile electronics. With professionalism and great attention to detail

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